Pixlr App

Pixlr App

Pixlr is an online photo editing tool app from the auto desk which is a big name in the graphics industry Pixlr is fast and simple and has enough features to make it a good option for entry-level photo editing. You can create a new image with Pixlr, upload an image, or grab an image directly from a URL location. It’s compatible with a variety of operating systems and it’s free.

 What is there in Pixlr:

If you’re already familiar with photo editing software like Photoshop, you’ll find that the Pixlr Editor menu options are similar, both in terms of layout and in how the various options work. You’ll need a basic understanding of how familiar you are with image editing work to use them, such as “fill,” “crop,” “blur,” and “smudge.”

Pixlr has an Express tool that offers a variety of one-click changes that are fun, fast, and a very good choice for beginning editors. Hewlett Packard dropped a few features from its editing tool when the company redesigned its image software and this made it harder to work with. Pixlr Express came to the rescue.

It’s much easier to use and offers former HP image editing features plus more. It also has one-click manipulation for size, rotation, and inversion, as well as the ability to add instant photo effects, changing saturation, and different hues.


The Pixlr Express tool is so simple that just about anyone can master it in seconds, although the Pixlr Editor requires some knowledge of photo imaging software. It has some nice features but there’s a good chance you’ll get lost if you don’t have some experience with this type of software.

Pixlr’s user interface is extremely easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Unlike Photoshop, which can be intimidating for beginners because of the intense learning curve, Pixlr’s tutorials show examples and present information and instructions in easy-to-understand lay terms.

Norwegian publisher KT Forlaget / ICT Publish has produced video tutorials that should help you quickly master all the important basic features and tools that Pixlr offers. This can come in handy if you’re new to image editing and you’re not patient enough to just play around with the program. You can access all these videos online for free.


Unfortunately, there aren’t enough Pixlr tutorials out there. You’ll want to read their blog before diving in to get a better feel for Pixlr and to learn how you can get the most out of its features.
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The Pixlr “Help” section is not very helpful. For example, you won’t find any answers if you have trouble downloading Pixlr’s “Grabber” and you click on “Help.”

Unfortunately, there are no support or user groups either, if you’re the type who needs a lot of help. But you can read over the Pixlr blog. You’ll find additional information there about how to get the most out of Pixlr.

And there’s always a price to pay for any program that’s “free.” You’ll be peppered with a fair number of ads while you’re working in Pixlr.

Some users have complained that Pixlr’s features are more limited than they’re used to and that it’s a bit short on quickie tricks. Some of the features require that you set up an account before you can use them. It’s still free, but…

Finally, Pixlr requires that you install Flash.


Pixlr is a basic photo editing tool for entry-level editors and for quick photo editing, for a professional work, it’s better to stick with Adobe Photoshop.

Pixlr Photo Editor App

PicsArt App

PicsArt Photo Editor App


PicsArt has the impressive features and the good quality effects. In this you can collage the image like Instagram, PicsArt is the social website here also users post their images, view services and photos at By this app, you can change your image as you want like adding text, effects, brightness, movies etc.


Here not only do the effects for your images you can also do collages. Here a lot of different collage frames available and if you do not need then make the free college that you want. You can do magic effects, draw stickers, callouts for your images. You can share this PicsArt images through the social media sites. The most interesting feature is live wallpapers.


The user interface of this app is simple preferring the icons. There are the seven options to use on the main interface. By using this app you can change your picture as you like. Here there is a good chance for creates. You can make your image as beautiful as you want.

About PicsArt App:

PicsArt is an image collage, editing and drawing application. This app is available for the Android, Windows and iOS mobile devices. In this you can take your images and edit them, draw with layers also share those images with the PicsArt community on the other networks such as Instagram and Facebook. PicsArt is available in over 30 languages. This can also available on the pics for windows 8.1 and higher.

PicsArt App Features:

  • Adjustment: You can adjust brightness, hue, contrast, color correction, shadows etc for your images
  • FX: You can add the several different amazing filters to your images like add lens, zoom blur, motion etc
  • Motion Blur: It is the complex tool and makes the images blur to look like they are in motion
  • Mask: This feature can add the different lighting effects to images and you can also download the effects from the PicsArt store
  • Text: You can also add different texts, stroke, and shadow, add extra effects of alphabets
  • Sketch: PicsArt can enable to create the cool sketches to editing images. This tool can use to create the banners, Facebook covers logos etc
  • Crop: By this crop feature you can remove the unnecessary part of the image
  • You can do a collage with your favorite images and different shapes
  • There is the blending effect like lighten, multiply, overlay, darken etc
  • Videos or Gifs: Sketches created in PicsArt can convert into the video in the form of time lapse

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  • PicsArt having the very attractive and smooth user interface
  • There are the several numbers of effects for images to add from filters and drawing to college.
  • View professional images and later you can save them


  • This is an advertisement support
  • For some effects, you need the separate apps like PicsArtGoo, Kaleidoscope
  • Image uploading is a little bit slower


In my experience, I can say that PicsArt is one of the best photo editing tools for the smartphones.  With this photo editor, you can create greeting cards, wedding collages and more. Let’s download this app and enjoy it with the unique effects of your images also share them on social websites.

PicsArt Photo Editor App

Picmix App

PixMix App

Picmix App Review

Picmix is one of the popular photo collage apps. This Picmix app provides the different effects and design for your favorite images to look different. Till now so many candidates nearly 26 million users will download Picmix app on their smartphones.

This photo editing app assists you editing your videos and photos, making collages interact with other users, adding photo frames, participate in contests, latest happiness and more


By using the Picmix app you can collage your pictures up to 9 in one by using the different layouts. There are the frames for based on the occasions like birthday, valentine day etc. every part of images can be edited separately by using the different tools like adjusting brightness, changing borders, adding text, rotating, cropping etc


The users need to login to account by using Facebook, twitter etc. The Picmix app provides a user-friendly interface for the nice look with simple navigation. Every user can take the part of the photo contests arranged by the Picmix app team. Picmix app for Android provides the real-time prizes like gadgets, tickets and so on for participation of people

Users can chat using Picmix app:

This is the latest feature of the Picmix app and related to the basic model of photo editor. You can send the message to someone in Picmix app. It will send just a compliment to the person and liked the friend request etc. If they want to talk with you then they will answer and invite for regular chatting


  • Users can add the effects to their pictures like brightness, crop, layers etc
  • Can also college your entire favorite images in one and add frames, borders, emoji etc
  • Picmix app can get the new friends too
  • Join regularly photo contest the selfie or your own style of actual prizes
  • There are the hundreds of designer frames, emoji styles for every occasion
  • You can also share the images from Path, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc
  • Users can also read the interesting stories from entertainment news, daily quotes, memes, jokes etc

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  • Maintain user-friendly interface
  • Free to download
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive looks of frames etc


  • Only available for Android users
  • Some of the features are charged
  • Disturbing so many ads in the middle


Picmix app is an amazing photo editing app with numerous features. You can create the collages and share them with other social sites. It is the great platform to show your own unique creation. I enjoyed a lot with this app by creating the new look for photos. So why late Picmix app download for Android on your Smartphone and enjoy.

PicMix Photo Editor App